DMIC Manufactures Premium Fluid Control Valves for Industrial, Aviation, Petrochemical, Marine, Subsea and Aerospace Applications

Value Punctuality

DMIC uses modern scheduling, collaboration tools, and a proprietary real-time ERP layer to flow orders through production: ensuring on-time delivery.

Value Consistency

The structured design and manufacturing environment including stringent quality control processes at DMIC delivers consistent product performance, quality, and durability.

Value Stability

Continuous reinvestment of capital into our facilities and machinery, improving and maintaining control of the production process and reducing the reliance on third parties.

Value Continuous Improvement

We are committed to regularly introducing new products and refining existing products to maintain a cost effective and competitive product line.

what our clients think

Customer Service is excellent. Response on quote requests are usually the same day. I really appreciate your assistance with items that are difficult to code, ie ball valves with pneumatic actuators and special seal requests.Jay, Hydradyne
I deal with hundreds of vendors on a weekly basis. I would have to honestly say your customer service and technical skills are among the top 3. I always get a timely response and so far correct information.Shawn, Berendsen Fluid Power

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