DMIC - About us


History in the Making

Through hard work, associating with the best customers, and plenty of good luck, DMIC progressed through various previous lives including fluid power distribution, and as a master importer. Our first DMIC-branded products were sold in the early ’80s. Business allegiances were formed and were broken. That gave way to DMIC returning to its roots in what we are inherently good at: creating original, stable, superior products, and manufacturing those products in a mindset that eschews cost-cutting compromises, low performance and cheapness.

In the struggles we’ve surmounted, our corporate ethos was reinforced and honed. Does a business have a conscience? Should it? Well, DMIC does. We will walk away from a very lucrative order before compromising our loyalty toward a distributor. We won’t ship something unless it’s absolutely right. On the rare occasion that we make a mistake, we will bend over backward to make it right. We still work on weekends and we still stay late when it’s needed. The work ethics that was learned in old days, is propagated today through everyone who is strong enough and smart enough to be a DMIC employee. We are proud of our family oriented work atmosphere and extremely low turnover. Everyone at DMIC brings home a superior wage in accordance with the effort and dedication they put into serving you, our customer.

Thank you for visiting us today on the web. For those of you who are our customers, we could not have gotten here without you. If you are a new visitor to DMIC.com, we invite you to give a DMIC product the chance to earn your loyalty, and to be loyal to you in return.

DMIC is American Owned and Operated