How to Buy

DMIC Products are Sold through Distribution
The Stocking Distributor is the backbone of DMIC’s distribution presence. We protect and support our distributors with loyalty and dedication unparalleled in the hydraulic valve & accessory business. It’s been that way since day one, and will continue into the future.
Why become a DMIC Distributor?

  • Very open capability for Distributors to round out their product line, by selecting only the needed products
  • We build relationships for the long term, and frequently have “given a start” to newly established fluid power Distributors
  • When you sell DMIC products, you eliminate headaches. The quality differential of DMIC products, compared to lesser copies, greatly exceeds the cost differential, if any.

Industry Leading Capabilities

Extensive Stock
DMIC has large scale stock of products in the U.S. and Canada, to eliminate the waiting you get from the importers
In House Manufacturing and Engineering
Total “one-stop” responsibility for the products we offer. All DMIC products are made to OUR specifications, whether made at our Factory or outsourced.
Development of Custom Products
Where the importers rely on overseas technical support, DMIC has the know-how and capability, on US soil, to furnish products that solve problems – FAST !!!