Blank Flanges & Heads

Butt Weld 4-Bolt Flanges

DMIC’s ‘FLB’ 4-Bolt Blank Flange series are handy to have around ! Common uses of unported DMIC flanges include

Installation of pressure gauges or transducers
Can be machined for rapid non-standard replacement parts availability
“Standard” model with groove Includes premium Buna-N O-Ring
Extensive stock of “Standard” and “Companion” types
New ‘FLBH’ & ‘FHBH’ Blank Flange Heads are used with a split flange kit to achieve the same effect as an ‘FLB3’ or ‘FLB6’ 4-Bolt Blank.

Model Selector
‘FLB3’ – Blank 4-Bolt Flange, Standard, Code 61 (3,000 PSI)
‘FBWSH’ – Butt Weld, Standard, C.62 (6,000 PSI)
‘FWIEL’ – 90° Elbow Deep Skt Weld, Standard, C.61 (3,000 PSI)
‘FHBH’ – Round Blank Head for C.62 Split Flanges (6,000 PSI)

Download Blank Flange PDF