DMIC Fluid Power Products

An industry leading quality-value profile in U.S. made Ball Valves, Check Valves, Flow Controls, Accessories, and Power Unit Layout tools.

DMIC products are marketed under seven “product franchises”, allowing Distributors to incorporate elements of our line that strengthen their product position in the local marketplace. New Distributors can take on needed products, with modest stocking requirements, while respecting pre-existing Distribution agreements of other vendors.

DMIC never obligates or forces you to sell every franchise in our product line. However, when a DMIC Distributor is stuck, we are happy to assist Distributors “out of franchise” even if you are also an Authorized Distributor of a competitor’s products.

Please explore the elements of our product line by clicking on a product franchise, at left.

What’s the TRUE component cost?

The DMIC customer is one who realizes that the item with the cheapest price is seldom the one with the lowest cost. Some brands struggle to eliminate 10¢ here and 25¢ there from their manufacturing cost, using the rationale that if you save 25¢ on a few hundred thousand units, “well, that’s a lot of money”.

At DMIC, we realized from the outset that one defective $100 part can offset those “nickel and dime” savings on hundreds, if not thousands, of units. The inconvenience (labor cost, back-shipping, and loss of goodwill) of having to replace a defective product after a system has been delivered to the End User, further puts into question the validity of cutting corners on product quality.

We’ve all been in the position of having to send back a defective product, whether personally or at work. Nobody likes it. That’s why, at DMIC, we’ve decided to do something about it by not selling products that we will later regret being associated with.

At DMIC, we don’t treat Quality as an “actuarial science” at first, when you see that a DMIC product is a percent or two more than the lowball quote, you might question why. The last dollar saved represents the greatest sacrifice in quality. If that last dollar is a make-or-break issue for you at the prototype stage or on your one-off or low volume projects, the marketplace has no shortage of price-oriented players that can accommodate your requirement. That dollar might end up costing you hundreds.

But when you see that DMIC is the lowest quote on your high volume or OEM requirement, you might also question why. It comes back to quality. Reducing a 3% failure rate to 0.1% or lower, allows us to charge you less on your blanket order, and THAT’s a lot of money when you’re building thousands of your product.

Leveraging our North American Talent with worldwide capability most of our products are made in U.S.A. In some cases, market conditions in foreign locales make it possible to produce a high quality product at a much lower price than we could here in America. For example, some European countries subsidize production of certain alloys and grades of material. It is impossible for us to produce articles from these materials at a competitive cost in the U.S.A., regardless of any labor cost differential.

In these cases, we contract foreign companies to supply us with products made to DMIC’s specifications. Sometimes, DMIC’s specs and product mods are so good that they are adopted for general sale to other customers (that’s why you occasionally see “me-too” DMIC items sold by other vendors here in North America).

DMIC actively controls the specifications of every product we offer for sale. In this manner, we are able to extend the guarantee of quality, performance, and durability on every DMIC product, regardless of its country of origin.