Butt Weld Flanges

Butt Weld 4-Bolt Flanges

DMIC’s ‘FBW’ Butt Weld flanges can produce exquisite welded piping assemblies in the hands of master welders. However, the possibility of leakage and failure is increased at pressure relative to our ‘FWI’ Socket Weld series. If in doubt, please order the ‘FWI’ Socket Weld model. Poorly made butt-weld connections are a safety hazard.

Sizes from ½” through 4″
Extensive stock of “Standard” and “Companion” types
“Standard” model with groove Includes premium Buna-N O-Ring
Model Selector
‘FBWSL’ – Butt Weld, Standard, C.61 (3,000 PSI)
‘FBWSH’ – Butt Weld, Standard, C.62 (6,000 PSI)
‘FWIEL’ – 90° Elbow Deep Skt Weld, Standard, C.61 (3,000 PSI)
‘FBWCH’ – Butt Weld, Companion, C.62 (6,000 PSI)

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