The Supplier Quality Manual

Every day at DMIC, we are working to improve our organization, our processes and the skill of our employees to be the best in class. We are committed to quality, a customer focused quality approach and continuous improvement. We expect and encourage our suppliers to adopt these same principles and practices.

The goal of DMIC Purchasing is to provide a competitive advantage to our organization and our customers through the selection, development and partnership with suppliers that are capable of exceptional performance. DMIC is actively seeking to attract suppliers that are capable of delivering superior products in terms of quality, delivery, and price.

In support of our strategy, the Supplier Quality Manual describes the sourcing process used to identify and select suppliers that share the DMIC quality objective. This manual also covers the expectations, requirements, guidelines and practices expected of suppliers doing business with DMIC.

Once approved as a supplier our goal is to work closely with these suppliers to develop a strong, stable, structured relationship.

We expect a commitment from our suppliers to achieving a zero defect approach.

Suppliers need to demonstrate this commitment through:

  • Delivering fully conforming parts and products
  • On Time delivery
  • Rigorous adherence to approval processes and requirements
  • Pro-Active risk management

DMIC products have always been characterized by quality. Maintaining the reputation of selling the highest products in market is a must for us. We expect our suppliers to contribute to maintaining this reputation by the care they invest in the parts they produce and deliver.

DMIC Suppliers are expected to extend the requirements in this manual to their suppliers and assume responsibility to ensure that quality is consistent through the supply chain.
This document is intended to serve as a reference document and a guide to understanding DMIC specific requirements and the responsibility shared by our suppliers in ensuring products that meet consistently high standards for quality.

With your commitment to participate as a DMIC supplier, we will succeed in our mission to our customers and at the same time begin a long term mutually beneficial relationship.

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