The Future is NOW at DMIC

DMIC has earned recognition for class-leading fluid control valves that set the benchmark of quality. With ambitious Engineering talent and our relentless pursuit of perfection, DMIC aspires to become as well known for quality Hydraulic Components, as we are in the Valve marketplace.

We frequently hear, in North America, that “Europe is ten years ahead in hydraulics”. DMIC is providing the Suction Line, Fluid Control Valves, and now, Components, to close this gap.

Ten years from now, the marketplace might well be saying that DMIC Pumps and support components, are years ahead of the competition.

DMIC Radial Piston Pumps

DMIC ‘DPH’ series Radial Piston Pumps have been providing OEMs with solutions unobtainable elsewhere, since its debut in 1988. Available up to 10,000 PSI operating pressure at up to 27 GPM full duty cycle

Just for fun, calculate the horsepower that pump requires !

DMIC Aluminum Gear Pumps

New DMIC ‘DG’ Gear Pumps are shipping in OEM quantities, with release of this product series to the single-unit, Distribution, and MRO channels.

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