Ball valves are an excellent choice for shut-off control in fluid handling systems. They are durable, simple, and available with a wide assortment of installation options. For automation requirements, ball valves can be fitted with many types of valve actuators, including double-acting pneumatic, spring-return pneumatic, electric, and hydraulic types.

As experts in the design and manufacture of high pressure and exotic application ball valves, DMIC is often called upon to provide accessory actuators for these devices. With full design and manufacturing capabilities, DMIC routinely fabricates brackets and shafts to adapt just about any ball valve to many popular actuator brands. DMIC also offers self-designed, high-torque hydraulic actuators.

Various accessories are available for actuators as well, including limit switches or proximity sensors for remote indication of valve position, solenoid valves for actuation air supply control, and manual override hand-wheels.

The next time you need an automated shut-off control valve, turn to DMIC – the experts in ball valve design and automation.