November 2019 Newsletter

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**Product Spotlight**
DMIC Model BVALP Suction Ball Valve

Model BVALP Ball Valve
The BVALP is similar to our BVAL product line, however the BVALP features a low profile space saving design, which is perfect for mounting in tight spaces. The BVALP series is the perfect choice to save valuable space, whether you’re building a new system with tight space constraints or you are looking to replace an inferior gate or butterfly valve. The BVALP is available with bore sizes 1” to 4”, featuring the SAE Code 61 Mounting pattern and we have the ability to offer 5” or 6” BVALPs with the ANSI Class 150# flanged connection. Please note that a special bolt kit is required for mounting flanges to the valve and this kit is sold separately.

Click here to download the BVALP data sheet.

SSW Power Unit Layout Components

Our SSW Power Unit Layout system makes it easy for you to lay out a prototype reservoir and with the repeatability, this allows the design to easily transition into mass production. With various standard stock options to custom weldments or configurations, DMIC has the ability to meet your layout needs with ease. Various thread options are available with the abilty to switch between imperial and metric, but keeping the overall dimensions the same.

Upcoming Trade Shows

DMIC is a proud sponsor and exhibitor at the Fluid Power Technology Conference at the Wolstein Center, Cleveland State University, 2000 Prospect Ave E, Cleveland, OH 44115, November 18th – 20th. We invite you to use our discount code “DMIC” to receive 25% off registration.

Fluid Power Technology Conference
November 18-20, 2019 – Cleveland, OH

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October 2019 Newsletter


DMIC is pleased to introduce our Outside sales team, led by Sales Manager ~ Don Couchman, Dan Arnet and Steve Dellos.

Don resides in Michigan and has direct sales responsibility for the Midwest, part of the New England area and Canada. Don has years of distribution sales experience, including the DMIC product line, and he looks forward to supporting the needs of distribution throughout the US and Canada. Don can be reached at 716-860-5553 or

Dan’s background is in mechanical engineering, including power transmission equipment, fluid power/ valves & systems. Dan reside in Arizona and has worked in the industrial market. Dan will service our West Coast customers. Dan can be reached at 716-998-4546 or

Steve’s background is in industrial distribution and hydraulics in both sales and management roles. Steve resides in Ohio and has worked in the industrial market as well. He will be calling on our customers in the Southeast and East Coast. Steve can be reached at 716-870-0691 or

Don, Dan and Steve bring many years of experience and are eager to meet you, our valued customers, and we would like to invite you to meet the team as they exhibit in the upcoming trade shows.
Motion + Power Technology Expo
October 15th-17th, 2019
Booth 2535
Cobo Center
Detroit, MI
DMIC has also been given a special code, which will allow for free admission into the show. To receive free admission, please visit, click on Register Today in the top right corner, and use Guest Pass Registration code: MEX241 to gain free entrance to the show.

Fluid Power Technology Conference
November 19th-20th, 2019
Booth 207
Wolstein Center
Cleveland State University

Our Inside sales team is led by Inside Sales Manager ~ Paul Rutkowski and includes Bill Heisler, Alex Haird and Ashley Evans. They can be reached at 716-743-4360 or


DMIC Sales

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Product Change Notice

DMIC has implemented the following product improvements to standard stainless steel ball valves. These changes affect only the stainless steel models in series BVH, BVAH, and BVHS ball valves. Prices are unaffected by these changes.

Crank Handles
Standard crank handles are now made of 300 series stainless steel instead of zinc plated carbon steel. This new handle is identified by accessory code “K” in position IV of the accessory code matrix. This call out is only necessary when accessories are added to the valve. Standard SS valves without additional accessories will include 300 series SS crank handles. Stop washers for SS valves are also converting to 300 series SS.

Locking Handle Accessories
The standard accessory lock brackets and levers are now also made of 300 series stainless steel instead of zinc plated carbon steel. The SS locking handle option is identified by accessory code “P” in position I of the accessory code matrix. The typical accessory code call out for locking handles for these valves now changes from “AZZA” to “PZZK”.

The “Accessory Codes” table has been updated to reflect these change. Get the update here: Accessory Codes Table

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Actuated Ball Valves

Ball valves are an excellent choice for shut-off control in fluid handling systems. They are durable, simple, and available with a wide assortment of installation options. For automation requirements, ball valves can be fitted with many types of valve actuators, including double-acting pneumatic, spring-return pneumatic, electric, and hydraulic types.

As experts in the design and manufacture of high pressure and exotic application ball valves, DMIC is often called upon to provide accessory actuators for these devices. With full design and manufacturing capabilities, DMIC routinely fabricates brackets and shafts to adapt just about any ball valve to many popular actuator brands. DMIC also offers self-designed, high-torque hydraulic actuators.

Various accessories are available for actuators as well, including limit switches or proximity sensors for remote indication of valve position, solenoid valves for actuation air supply control, and manual override hand-wheels.

The next time you need an automated shut-off control valve, turn to DMIC – the experts in ball valve design and automation.

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HM Hydraulic Manifolds

DMIC Series HM hydraulic manifold blocks, also known as bar manifolds, provide industry standard mounting of four-port hydraulic directional control valves in accordance with ISO 4401 mounting hole patterns. Blocks are available in three standard sizes to accommodate up to six stations. Parallel or series circuits are supported as well as SAE and BSPP threaded ORB port connections. A choice of ductile iron or aluminum construction offers a 5000 psi or 3000 psi pressure rating, respectively.

Manifold blocks assist with hydraulic power system circuit design and operation by simplifying component layout through the elimination of connection plumbing and associated leak points. Manifolds with multiple stations support the installation of several valves to a single manifold where a common pressure and tank connection is facilitated.

Whether for stationary or mobile hydraulic power applications, the Series HM manifold blocks represent a high quality, time-saving system design component.

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BVALP Suction Ball Valve

DMIC’s Model BVALP ball valve offers hydraulic power system designers a compact, high-quality alternative for hydraulic fluid reservoir shut-off requirements.

The low profile design is ideal for space-restricted installations, which is further supported by the innovative welded-ring interface that provides a direct connection of the valve to the hydraulic fluid reservoir tank.

Interface to external plumbing is facilitated by either an SAE Code 61 or ANSI Class 150 flange connection. The valve can also be provided with an optional tank-side female NPT threaded port to support the connection of a suction strainer.

Standard materials of construction for the valve include a lightweight, machined aluminum body, brass trim, Teflon ball seals, and Buna-N O-rings. Optional Viton, EPR, Delrin, PEEK and other materials are available to provide compatibility with a wide range of fluids as well as environmental requirements. A choice of weld ring materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum are available to match the reservoir tank for ease of welding. Typically installed on the input side of a hydraulic pump, the BVALP is suitable for suction applications as well as other requirements to 250 psi. The valve is offered in standard bore sizes up to 4 inches. Special versions are available. Popular accessories include lockable handles and limit switches to provide remote indication of whether the valve is open or closed.

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October Newsletter

Another custom hydraulic manifold heading out the door at DMIC.

Whether you need a standardized bar manifold for mounting directional control valves or a custom hydraulic manifold to suit a specific motion control requirement, DMIC has your solution. With extensive CNC machining capabilities, DMIC has the resources to supply quality manifolds to meet your needs in a timely fashion. Parallel or series geometries are supported as well as porting for BSPP, ISO6149, or SAE ORB connections; and flange interfaces for SAE J518 Code 61 and Code 62 configurations. Contact DMIC today to discuss your hydraulic manifold requirements.

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July 2018 E-Newsletter

New Product Announcement!

Series F3J/F6J Tee Junction Blocks

  • SAE Code 61 or Code 62.
  • Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel Construction.
  • 4-bolt Companion SAE on Opposing Faces.
  • Either 4-bolt SAE Companion UNC or SAE O-ring Flange on Branch Face.
  • Simplifies Hydraulic Line Connectivity.

Series F3E/F6E 90° Elbow Blocks

  • SAE Code 61 or Code 62.
  • Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel Construction.
  • 4-bolt Companion SAE on One Face.
  • Either 4-bolt SAE Companion UNC or SAE O-ring Flange on 90° Face.
  • Simplifies Hydraulic Line Connectivity.

Series F3C/F6C Connector Blocks

  • SAE Code 61 or Code 62.
  • Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel Construction.
  • Simplifies Hydraulic Line Connectivity.
  • Gender Changer for Standard SAE Flanges and Split Flange Heads with O-ring Groove.
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