Ball Valves

Low Pressure & Suction Valves

‘BVAL’ Low Pressure
Ideal from suction to 400 PSI; NPT/SAE/ 6149/BSP;
PTFE Ball Seals Optimized for DMIC’s “SSW” System
- All sizes unrestricted bore

BVAL_low_pressureDownload BVAL PDF

‘BVALP’ Low Profile
Capable of handling up to 250 PSI
Optimized for DMIC’s “SSW” System
- 1″ – 4″

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Medium Pressure Valves

‘BVEM’ Mid Pressure
An economical and efficiently
designed ball valve for 3,000
PSI Max applications
From 2 ½” to 4″Download BVEM PDF
‘BVAM’ Mid Pressure
2,000 PSI applications
from 2 ½” to 6″
Download BVAM PDF


High Pressure Valves

‘BVH & BVAH’ 6,000 PSI
Block Body – ¼ to 1″ full bore,
1¼ &1½ reduced to 1″ bore
Round Body – 1¼ to 6″+ full bore

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‘BVHS’ 6,000 PSI
Stainless Steel Round
Body Ball Valves for
6000 PSI, 1″-6″

BVHS_6000PSI_steelDownload BVHS PDF


Extreme Pressure Valves

‘BVHH’ Super High Pressure 10,000 PSI
Next Generation design substantially
strengthened for durability and safety
factor ~ Sizes from ½” – 2

bvhh_pictureDownload BVHH PDF

‘BVHHH’ Ultimate Pressure 15,000 PSI
½” to 2″. Extreme Pressure Handling,
Generous Safety Factor

picture-coming-soonDownload BVHHH PDF

Ultimate Quality – Fire Safe – Gas – Subsea Valves

BVQW High Performance, High
Pressure to 10,000 Depth

High Quality Stainless Steel
Fluid & Subsea Valves ¼” to 6+”


BVFQ/BVQG High Pressure /
High Temp 6,000 PSI

High Quality Stainless Steel
Fluid & Gas Valves ½” to 6″

Download BVQG PDF


FireSafe 6,000 PSI




Double Block & Bleed Valve

‘BVFD’ 6,000 PSI

Double Block and Bleed

picture-coming-soonDownload BVFD PDF


MultiWay Diverter Valves

‘BV3L/BV3LZ’ 400 PSI Diverter
Sizes from ¼” to 3″ Optional
Near-Zero Leakage model

Download BV3L PDF

‘BV3D/BV3DZ’ Steel Diverter
Rated for 3000 PSI ~ Sizes from
¼” to 2″ NPT/SAE/BSP Optional
Near-Zero Leakage model

Download BV3D PDF

‘BV3V’ 5,000 PSI Diverter
Rated for 5000 PSI ~ Sizes from ¼” to 2″
NPT/SAE/BSP Designed as an “Inverse
T-Bore” Diverter

picture-coming-soonDownload BV3V PDF


MultiWay Trunnion Valves

‘BV3H & BV4H’ True Multi-Way
Supports high port-to-port ΔP ~ Sizes
from ¼” to 2″ Call DMIC for pricing &
availability if you require higher pressure
or larger multi-way valves

Download BV3H/BV4H PDF

Manifold & Direct Mount Valves

‘BVMM’ Manifold Mount
Sizes from ¼” to 2″ Aluminum & Steel
models dimensionally interchangeable
Near-zero leakage BVMMZ 3-way

Download BVMM Manifold PDF

‘BVFF’ Fixed Flange Large Bore
3000/6000 PSI – DM-Flange,
ANSI, DIN ~ Sizes from 2½” to 6″


bvff_smallDownload BVFF PDF


‘DBBV’ FL/S9 Flange Mount
2½” – 5″ Direct-fit Replacement
for Large Imported Valves

Download DBBV PDF

‘BVDM’ Direct Mount Ball Valve

Models for 400/3000/6000 PSI ~
Sizes from ½” to 2½”

BVDM_pictureDownload BVDM PDF


‘BVDMF’ Captive Direct Mount Ball Valve
Models for 400/3000/6000 PSI ~
Sizes from ½” to 2½”

picture-coming-soonDownload BVDMF PDF

‘BVSS’ Dual Pattern SAE 4-Blot BV, C.61 & 62
Sizes from ½” to 6″


Intra Manifold Valves

‘SV2C & SV3C’
Available in sizes ranging from
½” through 2” with pressure ratings
up to 6000 PSI0

Download SV2C PDF



DMIC Actuators
A Hydraulic Alternative to Standard
Electric or Pneumatic 3000 PSI
Max Operating Pressure Dual Acting

Actuator_pictureDownload Actuator PDF


Download Valve Catalog PDF Download Valve Catalog PDF (Reduced Image Quality)